Sports Therapy

    Isy now providing Sports Massage Therapy to all GTC Members!

We now have our own, recommended and trusted sports massage therapist ‘Isy Fergusson’ ( from on board at GTC. Here to sort out your muscular aches, pains and injuries.

Isy comes with a wealth of muscular golfing knowledge having been resident therapist at the Michael Campbell Golf Academy and currently working with the likes of coaches Steven Palmer, Phillip Tanham … and The Gecko Tour … to name but a few 😊.

From lower back pain, golfers’ elbow to rotator cuff/shoulder injuries, Isy can relieve pain and improve overall performance. By realigning and stretching the muscles of the back, shoulders, forearms, hamstrings, hip flexors and wrists, her treatments will help improve your range of motion and with greater flexibility, you will be able to swing the club as you always wanted to…and play pain free!

Isy will be dropping by regularly on a Thursday to answer any queries and introduce herself to new members but if you wish to chat to her beforehand or ask any queries feel free to contact / WhatsApp her on +34 635 508 964 or drop an email to

For all GTC members Isy is kindly offering a complimentary consultation at your first treatment worth 25 euros !